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  • National Association of Legal Investigators, Inc. (NALI)
    Established in 1967, NALI has long been considered the best legal and PI association in the world. This prestigious organization of approximately 500 investigators nationwide, including International Members, are screened and investigated for entry into this association. Its mission is "to endorse, promote, and safeguard the highest professional ethics of the legal investigative profession and to explore, cultivate, and advance those arts and sciences that will serve to raise the standards and techniques of legal investigation". NALI’s Certified Legal Investigator (CLI), certification program is the most prestigious professional board certification in the industry and is difficult to achieve.  There are less than 100 CLI’s worldwide, and Mr. Lajoie, a CLI, served as the CLI program chair for 4 consecutive years. 
    For more information, visit  www.NALI.com