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  • Trials & Tribulations released in hardback!

    Hot off the press! Lajoie describes the reality of the world of private investigation as only an expert can. The book was written to dispel the occupational myths of the private investigation profession. If you are someone who has wondered what it’s like to be a real life private eye, someone who is considering the profession as an occupation, or you are a PI now and want to learn how to enhance your career, Trials & Tribulations of a Real Life Private Eye is a must read. Here’s just a small sampling of what’s in it:

    • Danger in the PI world
    • Confidentiality
    • Reputation
    • Truth and trust
    • Business sense
    • Business plan
    • Standards of success
    • Who calls the shots
    • Personalities
    • Advocates and parties
    • The third rule
    • Contracts
    • Burnout
    • Transition & training
    • High profile cases
    • Necessity of investigation
    • Time
    • Deadlines
    • Balance

  • Here are what people are saying about the book:

  • “There is so much substance to what you say that I find myself having a conversation with you in my mind as I am reading your words.”

    Sherri Cumpston, Teacher-Austin, TX

  • “In John Lajoie’s book there is not one cryptic message, not one hidden meaning, no Davinci code. This is straight shooting from word one, onwards…..with a gentle smile and direct eye contact, he weaves his narrative in a comfortable, conversational language that flows smoothly.”

    Herbert Simon, Book Review- The Journal of Professional Investigators

  • "Nothing short of sensational!"

    Robert Wilhelmi, retired business owner, S. Yarmouth, MA

  • “The book is fabulous, and now required reading for all my students!”

    Rory McMahon, Founder, Investigative Educational Consultants

  • "Ivey did a great job of teaching you how to write..... a great read and very informative."

    John S. McCann, Superior Court Judge, Westborough, MA

  • "Your honesty and direct approach had me laughing out loud at times"

    Kitty Hailey, CLI, Author and Professional Investigator, Philadelphia, PA