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  • Legal investigations are those cases that are being investigated and prepared to go to trial.  Attorneys and law firms representing clients with civil, criminal, corporate, copyright, environmental,
    probate, domestic, governmental, international, and property concerns can depend on LII for prompt, professional legal investigations. LII has a board Certified Legal Investigator (CLI) and a board Certified Criminal Investigator (CCDI) on staff to help you prepare your cases for resolution or trial. Our investigators have the attitude, competence, demeanor, and determination to assist you and your clientele, even in the most adverse conditions and hostile environments.  The absolute best resolution to legal cases that appear to be headed for court is a successful resolution prior to a trial.  Most of the legal investigation cases worked by LII investigators successfully settle well before a trial.  And it is the competent and detailed legal investigation of the case that takes place prior to trial that plays a major role in settling the matter.  That reduces  stress and hours of preparation for attorneys, experts, and witnesses alike.  It also saves money.  Our investigation managers, along with the client, establish an investigative theme based on the theory of liability and/or the theory of defense to effectively investigate legal matters. LII investigators concentrate on the investigation theme to compliment the theories that have been developed and established; and we focus in on that during the investigation in order to help bring the matter to an amicable resolution.  However, if a trial is necessary, LII is always there to fully help plan, support, and execute the investigator’s role in the trial and assist the client in trial preparation. And the success rate of cases we investigate and assist through a trial is superb.  SMART legal investigators conduct smart legal investigations for you to depend on- that is who we are and what we bring to the table.