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  • Susan J. Lajoie (President)


    President and Investigator at LII, is an extremely experienced investigative professional, conducting both in-office and field civil and criminal legal investigations. Susan is proficient in background & due diligence, financial & asset, locate, Social Media, information, and genealogy investigations; as well as canvasses and in person interviews and statements. Ms. Lajoie has a knack for locating individuals, heirs to estates, witnesses, claimants, insureds, and generally anybody she is requested to find. Susan’s expertise and end results on locate and missing person investigations is legendary; there are few missing people she can’t find. Susan approaches her field investigations with a positive attitude and polite manner in order to obtain cooperation, information, and statements. There are times when a person isn’t actually lost, they have just stopped communicating with their attorney. This often happens in product liability cases that are dragged out over many years. The plaintiffs often lose faith and trust that they will ever receive the compensation they deserve. In these cases, Susan has shown an astounding ability to obtain their trust and re-instate their cooperation and communication with their attorneys. Susan is an active member of the National Association of Legal Investigators (NALI) and has appeared in local, regional, and national news media.

    Sarah Staiti (Office Administrator/Inside Investigator)

    Sarah is the face of the company and her friendly voice will greet you when you call. Since joining to become our Administrator in 2021, she has grown to become an integral part of our investigative team. Sarah is proficient in conducting preliminary, locate, background, and Social Media Investigations for any case that is assigned to her. Her attention to detail makes sure no stone is left unturned in order to obtain the information that our clients need. Sarah’s preliminary investigation of field assignments is so detail oriented, our outside field investigators marvel at her competence and find their successes are directly linked to her investigative acumen. Sarah has also become instrumental in pretrial investigations and preparation for our criminal defense attorneys. She is the go-to investigator for any last-minute photos, documents, and PowerPoint presentations.

    We have a network of investigators to handle discreet and sensitive investigation but due to the nature of their work, our dedication to client confidentiality, and the fact that revealing their names might compromise our investigations, we choose not to name these experienced and integral team members and respectfully request that you grant us your pardon.