• Social Media Investigations & Information Services

  • Why do we refer to ourselves as SMART investigators?  Well, LII investigators are smart! And we are also incredibly proficient at SMI investigations be it any of the myriad of social media sites, websites, blogs, search engines, and other information on the internet.  We do not sub-contract these investigations out to companies that have a software package, plug in a name, and provide you with information that may or may not be related to your subject; or make claim it is a do all, end all type of e-discovery and social media investigation. Not at all.  We are professional data miners and do it ourselves by time proven deep web, back door internet, and legal social media searching by trained research investigators that work directly for LII. A ton of information is out there for the taking in a legal and discreet data oriented investigation.  And our work is double checked by another investigator to be sure we have the correct information.  Our team of SMART investigators maintain legal integrity and privacy concerns during the investigation while keeping in mind the client’s needs for various information. We make sure we get it right as the alternative is not an option.

    LII legally gathers personal and public information on individuals, businesses, and corporations that provides a wealth of knowledge and information in order to support critical decisions. The following are examples of searches available: phone number searches; utility checks; employment information; assets and accounts (provided there is a legitimate legal reason for this type search); mail drops; IP addresses; bankruptcies; liens; judgments; UCC filings; court records; criminal records, and records from various cities, towns, states, and the federal government.  If it’s out there, we can get it as long as it is legal to do so. We do not step over the legal line!