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  • Homicide Se Defendendo- The Investigation Of Homicide In Self Defense.

    December 5, 2016 | News
  • In this award winning article that was first published in The Legal Investigator in 1997, John M. Lajoie, CLI, intricately details the many investigative techniques and steps required to conduct a successful criminal defense “self-defense” investigation. Defense theories, legal elements, conditions and stages are discussed; indexing and file management is explained; preliminary investigation, evaluation, the collection of information, experts, and witness interviews and statements are expounded upon; backgrounding, the autopsy report, medical record review, follow up, reporting, and litigation support is examined. No stone is left unturned. This article, originally Mr. Lajoie’s CLI examination white paper, has appeared in many, many publications worldwide and sets criminal defense investigation standards for investigation of “self-defense” homicide cases. Mr. Lajoie can be emailed at JLajoie@privateinvestigator.com.
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