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  • I Need A PI: Who Should They Hire?

    December 9, 2016 | News
  • This article appeared in the The Legal Investigator in the summer 2006 edition, and highlights John Lajoie’s creative writing skills as he tackles a subject near and dear to the hearts and minds of all professional PI’s. Who should the public hire? Of course, Lajoie!  Seriously, who should you hire when searching for a local or state PI? When should a PI travel? And what are the rules of the game? Lajoie tackles real life issues with real life experiences when serving the needs of the private and business consumer. And he does it in a very readable style. John succinctly weaves his way to the bottom line: helping PI’s realize that they are part of defining the quality of life of people who place great trust and dependency in their investigative skills. But more importantly, Lajoie assists the consumer so that they are better able to select the right PI for their investigation.
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