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  • Witness Interviews & Statements- The Heart and Soul of Criminal Defense Investigation

    December 5, 2016 | News
  • All good investigators should be able to conduct solid, thorough interviews and take written and recorded statements when proper and necessary. But what the heart and soul of criminal defense investigation calls for is an esoteric endeavor to many investigators who get scared just thinking about a recorded statement. John Lajoie is famous for his interviewing and statement taking skills. In this article, which was the cover story of PI magazine in September-October of 2004, Lajoie shares his renown techniques which include: review and preparation; prior statements; witness contact; the interview; statements; technology and statements. Lajoie dissects the art of interviewing and taking factual statements in a very readable style so that you’ll likely print this article and use it as an interview and statement taking guide.
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